Eowyn’s Absence

Hey, guys!  Just a quick post to tell you that I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth.  I’ve been reeeeeally busy with music, the LotR Blog Party (which I hope you all are planning on attending!!), and random stuff.

This week is me and my sister’s Crazy Music Week, outlined below.

Sunday: Worship music at church

Monday: Regular Orchestra practice (2 hours)

Tuesday: Music lessons day (violin and viola for me and my brother, respectively, then I take him to his piano lesson)

Wednesday: Dress rehearsal for our orchestra Christmas concerts

Thursday: Christmas Concert

Friday: Christmas Concert

Saturday: TWO Christmas Concerts (Regular night performance and matinee)

Sunday: Worship music at church, then the last (and best) Christmas concert.

Add in school, LIFE, Christmas, the LotR Blog Party, babysitting, writing, and other totally random stuff and, well, that’s my life lately.

Well, gotta run and get ready for the third concert!!  FOR NARNIA AND ASLAN!!!!


4 thoughts on “Eowyn’s Absence

  1. What!? Your bro plays the viola? That’s awesome! 😀 Also, I realllly wanted to make it to one of the concerts today (Saturday) but there were three of us and your mom mentioned to my mom it would prob. be difficult to get seats for more than 2 people. Sadness! 😥 I’m sure it was awesome!!! ~Haley

  2. WOWZA you’re busy. Sunday is the same for me, Monday is a music lesson, Tuesday is nothing really planned, Wednesday I have youth group, Thursday is nothing again, and Friday is movie night. 😉 So I’m a lot less busy than you. But good luck with your orchestra concerts and have a good week! 🙂 🙂

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