of nano, stories, and why i write.

NaNoHello, all!  I bet you’re all wondering (well, anyone who actually cares) if I finished NaNo!  I’m pleased to announce that…

YES, I DID.  (“Happy time!”)

No, Sneakers and Hot Fudge Sundaes is not done yet, but I’m in the middle of the climax, so it’s been pulling me to write more.  (I just did something EVIL to three of my four main characters, so that’s pretty intense.  Muahahahahaha….)

I’ve decided that I love NaNo.  You spend a month with characters who you barely know on 11/1 and, by 11/30, you’re head-over-heels in love with them.  Yes, Cosette, this is true.  I experienced it during Camp NaNo last year – when I got the bulk of Becoming Nikki done – and I experienced it again this past month.  I haven’t touched SaHFS since the 30th and I already miss Ronnie, Nathan, Skip (especially Skip – I’m in love with him), Lou, Susie May, Christina, Jim, and everyone else.

I’ll be completely honest here and say that I’m really loving Sneakers.  I don’t love it more than Nikki, I just love it in a different way.  I’m using less description (which will most certainly come back to haunt me when I’m editing), but I can still totally see everything in my mind, just by the way the characters interact with each other.  And, yes, you can say, “Well, DUH, Eowyn.  You’re the writer.”  Yes… but a lot of it comes to me while I’m writing – things I had NO clue about when I first started.

Things like Christina.  I had no idea she’d be in the story at all.  (See here – she’s not even in the picture.  I haven’t even had time to cast her yet because I’ve been so busy!)  And, if you’ll believe it, I changed the time period Three. Times.  *nods*  I just couldn’t decide when I wanted it to be!  It’s turning out lovely, though, and I’m really excited to see how it ends (because, like Christina and the time period, I just don’t know yet).

In other news, I started editing Nikki for the first time since October 25th.  Crazy, huh?  I went through on the request of Amy and changed most of the “walked”s to “stepped” or “retreated.”  (I was being lazy during Camp NaNo last year and didn’t want to think to find another word for “walked.”  Whoops.)  Let me tell you what – THAT was more boring than any other editing I’ve EVER done.  Ever.  I turned on the Frozen soundtrack (two thumbs WAY up!), and slowly, ever so slowly, worked my way through all 135 pages.  (Sneakers is already 113 pages, and 30k less than Nikki.  Methinks it’ll be longer.)  YAWN.

But, ya know what?  Some stories are worth it.  I fell in love with Nikki and Alec and Natalie (and Dylan, heehee) all over again.  I remembered why I loved their story so much – because it’s something I needed to write, even if only for myself.  Sneakers is that way, too.  While I don’t know what the theme is going to turn out to be yet (actually, I have an inkling), I know it’s there and I can’t wait to find it somewhere in the end.

And that’s why I write.


5 thoughts on “of nano, stories, and why i write.

  1. This was an AMAZING post, girl! Soo inspiring and summing-it-up-perfectly and…yeah. 😉 But you did a wonderful job! 🙂
    Heehee…but hey, at least you could FIND the “walked’s” easily, right? Although that must have been…boring…
    Lovely post! 🙂

    • Yay! Thanks. : )

      Hahahaha…. Yeahhhhh….. I just hit the binoculars at the top, typed in the word, and spent several seconds trying to figure out what to put instead. Not too hard, but totally boring. : D

  2. Amazing!!!!!!! I’d never heard of NaNo before but it sounds like a blast!!!! I know you did great and I can’t wait to read Sneakers and Hot Fudge Sundaes!!!!:P

  3. Ah it sounds like your story is coming along awesomely!! (is that a word???) When can I read it? Can I read a little bit? Soon? Please?? ;D

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