Beautiful People: Nathan

79abd28d11be8d1b56a8805af08c6bdcNathan Carter is the third of the characters from Sneakers and Hot Fudge Sundaes who I’ll be featuring on my blog, and one of the four characters through whose eyes I write.  Nathan is the “new arrival” in town, having just moved to Brandenburg from somewhere in Kentucky.  Like everyone in his family, he’s a little shy at first, but then becomes close friends with Ronnie and Skip, changing their little band from The Dynamic Duo to The Terrific Trio.  He’s a writer, a thinker, and an aspiring journalist.

1.  What type of laugh does he have?  A joyful, carefree, yet mature one.

2.  Who is his best friend?  Ronnie and Skip.

What is his family like?  His mother died about a year before the story starts, he has a kind father, sweet younger sister (Susie May), and adorable little sister (Dottie).

4.  Is he a Christian, or will he eventually find Jesus?  He’s a Christian, and Jesus is the foundation of his life.  : )

5.  Does he believe in fairies?  I don’t think so.

Does he like hedgehogs?  Ummmm…..  Yes?

7.  Favorite kind of weather?  Rain.  He says it’s the best writing weather.

8.  Does he have a good sense of humor? If so what kind? (Slapstick, wit, sarcasm, etc.?)  He’s not very humorous, but he does enjoy humor.

How did he do in school, or any kind of education he might have had?  He’s very good in school.  Not top of the class, but not scraping by, either.

10.  Any strange hobbies?  Would you call writing strange?


Now, there’s a fun word.  When used as a noun, it means an intoxicated person.  This is probably what the two boys standing in front of Nathan, awkwardly holding out their hands, thought of him.

‘What a way to make a first impression,’ Nathan thought as he shook each of their hands in turn.

“I’m Timothy Jones,” one of them said, “but everyone calls me Skip.  It’s a pleasure.”

Nathan shoved his hands in his pockets.  “Mind if I ask what you’re doing?”

“Organizing the Kellys’ record collection by composer.  Care to join me?”

“Uh, no thanks.” Nathan took a step backwards. ‘Organizing records?  Who does that?’  He decided to be a little wary of Skip in the future.

Sneakers and Hot Fudge Sundaes

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2 thoughts on “Beautiful People: Nathan

  1. Oh, is this who Eddie plays? Seems like a good choice! =)
    Haha, that snippet made me laugh. 😀 He sounds very nice; I want to meet him. 😉

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