well, hello there.

(This post could also be called “Randomocity…. But I Digress.”  You have been forewarned.)

Hello, everybody!  *waves*  Much appreciative of the half a dozen people who have subscribed to my blog who I don’t know – glad to have you and all that.  Hope you’ll stick around after I’ve completely scared you.


She’s already crawling…. *sniff*

Anywhoz, what’s up?  How’s your week been?  I’ll be completely honest here – my last week completely STUNK.  I got behind on basically everything.  It was mostly my fault, but I will give some credit to my littlest siblings, who both had colds and the chicken pox.  For a single example of my crazy, stinky week, I stayed home with JellyBean on Friday night while the rest of my family went over to a friend’s house for an Operation Christmas Child “Packing Party.”  Watched eight episodes of aforementioned Show.   (*nods*  I’m addicted.  I did clean the house before sitting in front of my laptop with the little whiney behiney, though.)


Look at her hair!

Back to getting behind on everything.  I think this is partially due to the fact that I had, like, no motivation to do school.  This is because I’m currently studying for a College Composition CLEP test. My first practice essay was awful (ie: I misspelled Chemistry. *facepalm*), but every single one since then has been great.  Some even blew my CP coach away!  She totally thinks I’m ready for the test (as she said during my coaching call last Monday), so I started thinking, ‘Well, then – why do I need to study?’  YIKES.  MISTAKE.

I could totally tell my week coming crashing down after that.  I went to a swing dance on Saturday (outside. in 30-degree weather. brrrr….), and talked to a friend about how there’s Sunday, then pfft – the rest of the week is totally a mess.  That pretty much described last week.

All of this resulted in me going to church on Sunday – late for worship practice, no less – and feeling and looking like a complete and utter failure.  That resulted in all of my friends worried about me and asking if they’d done anything to offend meThat, in turn, resulted in everyone at church being a HUGE encouragement to me.  (Love y’all to bits and pieces!)

Also, on a slightly random note – in keeping with the subtitle for this post – I have a deep question for you!  You don’t need to comment or anything – just think about it.  In all honesty, where is the line between wearing a mask to church… and not wanting to bring your friends into the terrible train wreak your life had been in the previous week?  Honestly.  I know we’re supposed to be truthful with others about where we are in life and all that, blah, blah, blah, but REALLY.  I didn’t want to get into all of my troubles when my friends asked, so I just skimmed the surface.  Was this wrong?

Anyway. Food for thought.

I think I’ve gotten off to a better start this week.  Yesterday was good, and today I’ve spent basically the whole morning listening to the Blimey Cow Audio Podcast while getting caught up on my dishwasher chore – unloading, loading, and washing sooo many dishes, it’s not even funny.  I’ve gotten a leeeettle behind on my word count, but I’m not worried.  : )

 In other news….

I got tagged!  My dear new friend Jane over at Classic Ramblings has given me the Friends Award – thanks, dearie!  (I’m a rule-breaker, so I’m not going to tag anybody or re-post the rules.  [Subtext: I don’t have time.])

  1. Do you like coffee plain or with sweetener?  Or do you not like it at all?The more the better.  : D  I prefer making my own Peppermint Mocha at home – sugar, half and half, Starbucks peppermint syrup, and hot chocolate mix.  Overkill?  I think not.  (I actually got kinda-sorta addicted to coffee during our campout because it was So. Cold. and I needed something hot to drink.  Don’t judge me.)
  1. Name two of your favorite historical hero/heroines.Hmmm…. Jim Elliot and Eliza Pinckney.
  1. Who do you prefer: Enjolras or Sir Percy?My dear, dear Jane….  We already talked about this!!  (Or are you asking because we already talked about this?)For all of you who don’t read my email and, therefore, don’t know what I said, I like Enj and Percy for different reasons.  They both are passionate about their goals, but I think, in the end, I’d have to go with Percy because, while he would die for his cause, he knows that his cause is served better if he doesn’t die.  (And just because.  Percy has like twenty books and Enj only has one, even if it is The Brick.)
  1. What’s one “go-to” Bible verse you have?Golly Pete.  I don’t think I have just one verse.  As a friend said, “Saying that you like just one verse in the Bible is like saying, ‘I like the F# in Beethoven’s 5th Symphony.'”  If I totally had to pick, though….  Gracious.  I think I’d say Psalm 27:4 – One thing I ask of the Lord, this is what I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and to seek him in his temple.  I can honestly say that this really is the one thing I seek.  : )
  1. If you could enter into the world of one story and have the villain capture you, the hero rescue you, and the heroine give you her wardrobe, which story would you choose?Ha! What a question!  I care not for the clothes, but as for the villain and hero….  Well, bummer.  It’s between Bran from the King Raven books (recommended if you have a book ClearPlay) and Percy.  Just cuz.  I also wouldn’t mind having Marguerite’s clothes (and looks, haha), but I’d need to add some extra fabric to the top.  GAH, I can’t decide.  I’ll be a rule-breaker once again and leave it at that.

Thanks, Jane!!!

Let’s see….  What else is new?  Oh, the LotR Blog Party!!!  I can’t say much, but… You. Guys.  If you’re a fan of LotR, you’re going to enjoy it.  I guarantee it.

Oh, yeah, and I also started an email war.  WHOOPS.  Sorry if I offended any of y’all.  I’m passionate about certain things.

Such as….

Moving on.

Well, I was going to give you an update on my NaNo novel, Sneakers and Hot Fudge Sundaes, but I think I’ll leave that ’til tomorrow.  (Doing Beautiful People tomorrow instead of today because I like to be random and I like having you guys be subject to that.  Muahahaha.)

One more random thing.  I had a really great talk with a friend at church yesterday.  I can’t/won’t go into any of the details, but let me just say… it was refreshing.  I’d been holding a grudge against this person for a while, and when I asked for forgiveness and got it all out into the open (as HARD as it was!), I felt sooo much better and I know the other person does, too.  : )  Now, boys and girls – the moral of the story is to repent.  It’s never too late to apologize (even after you’ve held a grudge against someone for three months like I have!), so do it!!

On to my last random subject of this post.

I have a prayer request for y’all.  It’s two-fold, actually.  And I don’t really know how to say this without sounding prideful or drawing attention to myself, sooo… bear with me.

As some of y’all know, we used to live somewhere and moved two states away about four years ago.  (Wow, that sounded weird.)  Anywhoz, we knew this family really well back there.  We used to go to their house the day after Thanksgiving every single year and have leftovers.  It was great. Anyway, we moved; they moved; life went on.

About a week ago, we found out that the mom has breast cancer.  (This is the first prayer request.)  They have four small children, so it’s definitely going to be hard.  (Here’s the second prayer request.)  My mom and dad volunteered my older sister and I to go visit them (hours upon hours away) and help them take care of their kids for however long they need us.  When Mom and Dad told us, I was like, “Oh, cool!”

Turns out, this is becoming more of a possibility.  They need help, and not just short-term.  This could be six months, you guys.  My sister and I are seriously praying about it now, and texting a lot of friends to ask for prayer, too.  We need to know soon-ish whether we’re going or not, who is going, and how long we’ll stay.

So here’s my request – please, please, please pray for this family. They’re near and dear to us and we love them bunches and bunches. Also, please pray for wisdom for my sister and I – wisdom to know what God wants us to do.  This would be a huuuuge change for us and it’s a little overwhelming.

Also, on a slightly less serious note (serious for me, but laughable for you)….  My grandparents live fifteen minutes away from each other. This has always been good for when we lived two states away and could visit both sets of grandparents in one fell swoop – especially at Christmas.  However, this has a detrimental effect to our Thanksgiving.  Every year – and I’m talking every. single. year. – we have Thanksgiving lunch at one set of grandparents’ house, then go over to the other’s house for Thanksgiving dinner.  Ughhhh.  Needless to say, it’s not pretty.  This year is going to be a little different because we just found out that we’re going to another friend’s house for Thanksgiving breakfast.

So there you have it.  Thanksgiving breakfast, Thanksgiving lunch, and Thanksgiving dinner, all in one day.  If you think about it, pray for me.  : P

I feel so terrible….  I’ve been asking for prayer for so many different things and that seems self-centered!  That said, do you guys have anything you need prayer for?

6 thoughts on “well, hello there.

  1. DEFINITELY praying for your friends (especially the mom) and for you and Arwen that the Lord would lead you where He wants you to be, and that His will will be done no matter what! (hmm, sounds redundant.) Love ya!

  2. Oh my dear sweet Eowyn, I am praying for you and the sister as you seek God’s will in this decision! …and that you will survive 3 Thanksgiving meals… Thank you for the smiles and thoughts and prayers this post has given me!

  3. Awww…I’m sorry you didn’t have a good week. Hopefully this one will be better! 🙂 Ugggh…I understand about getting behind on everything. I got behind on math last week and had to do a bunch of makeup, and that made me get behind on NaNo, and then I had to spend an entire day taking care of the twins because the day before I hadn’t done much with them due to my getting behind on everything else, and that made me get behind again. So now today I’m going to write 4k words and that will probably be the end of my time on the computer. Which is why this comment might sound a little harried…
    Okay, you probably didn’t need to hear all that. Anyway…
    Interesting question! I’ve thought about it some lately. I tend to be more reserved, so if there’s something really big that needs prayer, I’ll talk about it, but otherwise, I’ll keep it to myself.
    Teehee, Blimey Cow is always a day-brightener. ;D
    Well, I was curious to know what everybody else thought of the Percy/Enjo debate, so I just put that question in there. ;P I figured that, since you’d already answered it, you wouldn’t mind answering it again…
    I agree! The blog party is really taking shape!! Can’t wait! 🙂 (And THE HOBBIT’S COMING OUT IN EIGHTEEN DAYS. Less. Than. Three. Weeks. *hyperventilates*)
    Nothing’s wrong with randomness! ;P
    I will definitely be praying for you on all of those counts. I have to admit, your Thanksgiving request made me laugh, but at the same time I’m sympathetic. I can barely handle a three-o’clock meal on Thanksgiving, let alone a full breakfast, lunch AND dinner! Maybe you can have appetizers at one, the meal at the second, and dessert at the third…? 😉
    Actually, I could use some prayer right now as well; my music teacher was diagnosed with breast cancer awhile ago, and if you could just pray for encouragement and a return of health for her, I’d really appreciate it. 🙂

    • Gaaaaaah, I know EXACTLY how you feel!!!

      Yup, same here. I’m reeeeally quiet around people I don’t know. I’ve been trying to get rid of all the masks lately, but I’ve also been thinking about where that line is. It’s a fine line!!

      Haha, no, I didn’t mind. : )

      I know; I can’t wait!! WOOOOOT!!!!

      Teehee…. It’s my motto right now. : D

      Thanks so much. Heehee…. Well, at lunch AND dinner, there are grandparents who get offended if you don’t try their Special Thanksgiving-Only Something. By the end of the day, I’m like, “Ughhhh…. Let me go home and sleep for a week.” And now BREAKFAST? I’ll feel like a hobbit. (I guess that’s okay – I’ll look fat like one, too.)

      Oh, I’ll most certainly be praying for her! Keep me updated!

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