Reds, Yellows, and Oranges

A few weekends ago, my church held its second annual church campout.  Now, let me explain something.  Our church is tee-niny – only about twelve families on a “full” Sunday.  (Last Sunday was the first Sunday when everyone – including myself – on the worship team was present in *drumroll* five weeks.  Methinks that’s a little long.  But I digress.)  This makes us very small, yet close-knit – almost like a huge extended family reunion every Sunday!  Some families were unable to make it due to sickness, work, or school, so that was sad.  My youngest siblings and mom weren’t able to go, and it was weird to not have “baby duty” for an entire weekend.  Not having to constantly be wondering when JellyBean (aka Sweetie Pie Pumpkin Spice, lol) needed her next bottle or what mischief Nut-Nut had gotten himself into was… disturbing.  Nevertheless, I heartily enjoyed myself!


Silly me…. Saw this tree and said, “HEY! It looks like the White Tree of Gondor! Only… it’s not white… or dead.”

IMG_0036 - Copy

Sweetie pie!!


I just love creeks…


My ladies!


Got the opportunity to take Senior pictures for a friend…. We missed the football game, though. : (


Katelyn and I met!!! (Well, we meet every Sunday and sometimes more often than that and live fifteen minutes away from each other, but that is neither here nor there.)

(See Katelyn’s blog here)


Green imposter leaves…. Beautiful anyway!




Ain’t it purty???


Sister: Look! It’s a fuzzy!
Friend: Nuh, uh. That’s a hibernating bee.
Me: *laughing so hard I can’t keep the camera steady, which is why the picture is blurry*


Holly always reminds me of Christmas. Only forty-five days more!


Georgia Mountains. ‘Nuff said.


4 thoughts on “Reds, Yellows, and Oranges

  1. GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS pictures. All of them. 😉 Seriously, these pictures all made me happy for different reasons. The mountains, all you sweet girls, the White Tree of Gondor (teehee…)…made my day! 🙂

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