Letters III: NaNo Edition!!!

tumblr_ltn51eouvj1qi4jnro1_500Dear NaNo – You wonderful, hateful creature.  How can you be so awesome, so challenging, and so hated at the same time?  I have a love-hate relationship with you.  And will forever, because I don’t see this relationship ending any time soon.  You helped me write Becoming Nikki last year (or, at least, the first 50,185 words of it), you’re helping me write Sneakers and Hot Fudge Sundaes this year, and I can totally see something next year.  (Perhaps a well-needed rewrite and new beginning for Aaron Schmidt/Reynolds?  We shall see.)

Dear Skip – You are simply the best half-main character anyone could ever ask for.  When I started my first chapter from your point-of-view, I nearly flipped when you told me that you “never considered [yourself] to be of much concern to anyone except [your] parents.”  It was the perfect opening!  After writing this, you told me all the ways that you would endear yourself to my reader.  I believe that’s the first time I fell in love with you.  And I’ve been falling ever since.

Dear Word Count – You evil villain, you.  AH, HA!  That’s it!  This is no Man Versus Man story, nor is it a Man Versus A Greater Power Than Himself (Such As A War) story.  NAY.  This is an Author Versus Word Count story.  You do terrific damage to my characters, forcing them to go through beatings, moves, and the loss of their parents, siblings, mentors, and etc for your own evil purposes!  WITHOUT CEASING!!!  I guess I have to thank you then, because, without you, there would be no story.

Dear Setting – Oh, how I love small towns.  Towns where everybody knows everybody and there aren’t any secrets.  (Well, not many secrets.  MUAHAHAHAHA….)

Dear Plot – Why must you be so complicated and hard to figure out?  And then, the minute I an idea and start writing furiously, why is it that you make me come close to tears – when I don’t normally cry AT ALL while writing?!  HOW DARE YOU.  However, I’m starting to figure you out.  You’re stretching me, and that’s good.  Normally, I write from down on the ground – in the middle of the chaos.  (Which I enjoy.  : D )  You’re telling me to fly up with Ronnie and get the bird’s-eye view.  It’s been enormously enlightening and very helpful – especially when I get stuck and need to look at the whole picture again.  I can’t wait to see the end of this novel.  Then, I’ll know whether to laugh with delight over this epic masterpiece that I have wrought, or to sob and become a chocoholic.  Only time will tell.Flipped

Dear Flipped – Gaaaaaahhhhhh…..  You provide more inspiration than you know!  Even just listening to the music videos – and constantly looking back to see, “Ooh, what’re Bryce and Juli getting into now?” – has been inspiring.  I can definitely see a review of your wonderfulness coming up in the near future.  : )

Dear Snippets Good Enough To Use As Quotes – You’re amazing.  Just… amazing.

[Laura] took Susie’s hands and looked deeply into her eyes.  “Never, ever give up on your dream.  This gift you’ve been given is far too precious to be tossed to the wayside by the thought that you’re not good enough or don’t possess enough talent.”

– Sneakers and Hot Fudge Sundaes

Dear Unnamed TV Show – Golly Pete.  Thanks for introducing yourself to me barely a week before NaNo.  It’s been interesting, all of this, “Okay, thousand-word sprint, then I’ll watch an episode!”  And then there’s the pictures of the actors and characters I have to find and the quotes I have to RANDOMLY COME ACROSS….  *rolls eyes*  You’ve been good to me.  You’ve shown me that, yes, there is some good in this world, Mr. Frodo, and it’s worth fightin’ for!!!  (Or, in this case, great shows that deserve to be back on cable.)  (In case any of you were wondering, THE PHANTOM! is the opera ghost.  Uh, haha, not that.  I mean, I didn’t give the name of the show because if I give the name, you’re all bound to look it up and it’ll prove DISASTEROUS for all you NaNoers out there.  Trust. Me.  It’ll come back after NaNo, and I’ll give its name, why it’s so amazing, and why you all should go to YouTube posthaste and watch it.)  This puts me in mind….

Dearest of dearest writing friends who just gave me her novel….  I can’t decide whether to love you or hate you!  It’s like it’s pulling me away from my novel and my characters into someone else’s world – a CONSTANT DISTRACTION!!!  Howevah.  It’s another one of those Thousand-Word Sprint Incentives that I love so dearly, so thank you MUCHLY.  I’ll thank you in my blog post announcing that SaHFS has risen to the number-one spot on the New York Times Bestseller list.  : D

Well.  Enough talking about writing.  Writers write.

Word Count?  Prepare to MEET THY MAKER.


3 thoughts on “Letters III: NaNo Edition!!!

  1. Haha, I very much agree with your letter to the Word Count. It tortures me and my characters day and night, and yet it’s the thing that propels me to write more. The irony! 😉
    Ummm…will you please tell me what the show is if I promise not to watch it till after NaNo? I have a guess (that Mr. Willoughby hunts, haha) about what it is, but I’m not sure…
    Ooh, Flipped! I have yet to watch the movie, which is saaaad…but I will sometime. After NaNo. Most things are “after NaNo” nowadays. The famed NaNoWriMo is taking over my life. ;P
    I quite enjoyed reading this post! 🙂

    • Ickkkkk…. (By the by… I think you’re going to win our word count war. I’ll just go ahead and say that so that it won’t be sad when you DO win. lol.)

      Hmmmm….. Mayyyyyybe. I’ll mention it in one of the many emails we’re passing back and forth. : )

      SO GOOOOOOOOD!!!! There is some language, though, so beware. LOL!!! Same here. ; )


  2. I’ve done Nanowrimo too, 2 years ago. Don’t want to do it again. But I’ve got an idea for a post-apocalyptic novel and maybe you would have a few ideas. The thing that would make this one different is that it’ll take place in Alberta and Saskathewan, which barely have any people even before the apocalypse. And there’ll be horses and other animals, probably.

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