NYC: Day One

(Heehee….  I can hear you guys squealing….  “Pictures!!”  Yes.  Now hush.)

This is the account of my recent trip to NYC.  I hope you all enjoy.  (And comment lots.)  I’ll try to refrain from squealing and giggling, but I have no doubt that when I get to Days Two and Three (when I saw Wicked and Cinderella, respectively) I won’t be able to contain the fangirlish randomly-pounding-the-keyboard-while-the-caps-lock-is-on.  (If you catch my drift.)


Pre-Trip Stuffs

I think it goes without say that I was excited for about a month before my trip – from the day I graduated to the day we got home.  We’re talking non-stop talking about the trip, complete with watching videos, reading musical synopsises (synopsi?), and searching for the perfect bag – a big one with a zipper on the top and no outside pockets.  (I eventually found the bag, by the way.  It’ll make it’s appearance later on.)

Beforehand (literally the night before we left), my dad and I printed out a huge map of Manhattan and plotted out everything we wanted to see, then wrote out our itinerary on the back.  The thing became as dear to us as…. the holy grail.  Or something extremely necessary.

My awesome suitcase I got for my graduation, plus the “Go Places and See Stuff” luggage tag and bag that I got from my parents, both hints before they told me where we were going.

My Day One outfit, all set out!

My suitcase and its contents.  Take notice of how empty it is, keep that image in the back of your mind, and compare it with the picture of how full my suitcase is upon my arrival at home.

Day One: Welcome to New York

Looking out the window at our plane, TOTALLY EXCITED!!  : D  I’d never been on a plane before, either, so I was more than a little nervous.  (Heehee….  On the plane, I experienced what it was like to be in constant prayer.)

Y’all can’t believe how excited I was to see Lady Liberty.  Not only did it mean that my two-hour ride of pain and agony (and the Penderwick family) was almost over, it also meant that I HAD ARRIVED.


 I’d received some very good advice from a friend that you shouldn’t try to look like a tourist when you go to NYC.  I thought that was brilliant advice and decided to follow it.  However, once we’d entered the airport….  I took out my camera.

iPads, y’all.  This country girl from the sticks was astonished to see iPads with menus at a restaurant.  Seriously.  You picked what you wanted, then played with the apps while you waited.  Minor culture shock ensued.

Yes, we ate at a bar and it was delicious.  Your point is?
(Totally recommend, by the by.  If ever any of you are in NYC….)
My cheeseburger and mashed potatoes from that night.  (Minus the bun.)  Yummmm……

The post office near our hotel – awesome!!  We went inside the next day.

At the very top of our first hotel – the twentieth floor – and sitting as far away from the edge as possible.  : )

The view from the top of the hotel, with Freedom Tower in the background.  SO PRETTY!!

Another view down to the street from the hotel.  : )

After a few phone calls, texts, and a half hour with the Penderwicks, I fell asleep.  In New York City.  Totally excited, hyped, and ready for DAY TWO!!!

Sneak peek:

So excited to share more pictures and stories with all y’all!!!


6 thoughts on “NYC: Day One

  1. The picture of "Welcome to New York" as you landed was so cool!! You must have had perfect timing. 😉 And then ordering on iPads??!! I never heard of that, either!! I look forward to seeing more of this Ah.mazing journey (that I gave you the idea for *grin*). I don't take any credit, actually. All to you!! Love you, dearie!!

  2. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OHMYGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SO JEALOUS.Also. This."Yes, we ate at a bar and it was delicious. Your point is?"Girl, you ROCK. 😀 I LOVELOVELOVE that you just totally put that picture up. Because if someone cares…that's their issue. And some of my favorite restaurants happen to have a bar in them (hello, like, Cheesecake Factory? Appleby's? :)). Doesn't mean I drink there. 😀 Anyway, sorry about that, it just cracked me up. 😀 The meal looks amazing, by the way. And you have NO IDEA how THRILLED I was to see that sign. Gah, gah, gah, two more months, two more months…but NOT IN NY. It will never be as awesome as YOURS. :DMORE PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I've been wanting to just do a whole road trip at some point and see all the 13 original colonies, because that's friggen awesome. I've always wanted to go to NY. …. Looks like you had fun! AND IT'S NOT EVEN DAY 2 YET!

  4. Can I squeal? "Cause I'm totally going to~~ *Squeal!!!Looks so fun! When we went to DC, I was the one looking like a tourist, camera ready for action and some (not always) willing family members to pose….I went for my first plane ride in December to Texas for 5 days. Fun, until we hit some turbulence landing in Atlanta.

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