Sir Percy Day – Part Three: Screencaps from ‘The Scarlet Pimpernel’

Here are some screencaps I did of The Scarlet Pimpernel one Saturday last year.  (That was back when I actually had free time….  It seems like I’m extremely busy every single day!  Wait….  That’s probably because I am extremely busy every single day….  Thus, the shortage of thought-out posts recently here on the blog.  Working on that.)
Anyway!  Enough chatter.  Behold.  Enjoy.  Use for your own amusement.  (I’d like to see a few Sir Percy-themed pictures for Sink Me! soon.)


Aaaaaand…. That’s as far as I got.  (Screencapped for a whole six hours and only got this far….  Yikes.)  Maybe I’ll do a Part 3 1/2 this summer and screencap the rest of the movie!  Would you guys like that?



7 thoughts on “Sir Percy Day – Part Three: Screencaps from ‘The Scarlet Pimpernel’

  1. Ally – : ) I love the Epic Rescue Scene. It's my FAVORITE!!! (Of course, I've always been partial to rescue scenes. The more explosions, the better.) : D~Eowyn~

  2. Amy – I'm glad you like them!! I think they're pretty awesome, too. If you EVER need any, you know who to email! Also, I'll try to get the rest done. For you, m'dear. : D-Eowyn-

  3. Ohmygoodness, those pictures are drool-worthy. Such high quality! I started screencapping the movie last year but since my DVD wouldn't play properly in the computer, I was screencapping from YouTube and the quality of the pictures is absolutely crummy. LOVE these– and would love to see the rest if you do them. 😀

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