Contest Deadline Extended!

Hey, everybody!
Just posting to tell you guys that the quote contest deadline has been extended until next Friday.  Some of you know why and some of you don’t, but you’ll all know why I had to extend it within the week.  For now, just know that I’ll be busy and unable to do any posting until next Friday at the earliest.
So!  All that to say this:  If you’ve wanted to do a submission and attempt to guess (I’ve been told by a number of people that it’s hard…. Muahahaha….), you have another week to do so!
Good luck!!


2 thoughts on “Contest Deadline Extended!

  1. Amy – HA!! Thanks. : )That's what everybody is saying! I wanted it to be a challenge, but, heehee, I guess I made it a little too much of a challenge.Whoops.~Eowyn~

  2. *bounces up and down obnoxiously*I KNOW WHY THE DEADLINE WAS EXTENDED! I KNOW WHY THE DEADLINE WAS EXTENDED!Cough. Congratulations on the extended deadline. 😀 And also… I'm sorry I didn't enter, but I literally knew three of the fifty quotes. It was too pathetic. I couldn't humiliate myself by admitting it… oh wait I just did.Heh.

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