A Night To Remember

A few months ago, my sister came up with the brilliant, yet crazy, idea to host a Valentine’s Banquet for the couples at our church. I won’t bore you with the details of the chaos beforehand and just fast-forward to the night of the banquet. Thankfully, it went well, but I know we were all more than happy to achieve our original and main goal – to bless our parents and the couples at our church who invest so much into our lives.

It was decided early on that I would be the official photographer, which made me both excited and nervous at the same time.  So, without further ado, the best pictures from the night of, accompanied by commentary from yours truly. : ) (And, hey – seventeen out of three hundred and forty-six isn’t bad, if I do say so myself.)

The dining hall.  Absolutely beautiful in the candlelight!
The salad was literally thrown together, minutes before the couples came in.  Does it look thrown together?  No?  High fives to all who helped!
We had a hostess desk for Arwen to stand behind (because she was the hostess), sign people in, and get their orders.  “Would you like your pasta with marinara or alfredo sauce?  And would you like that to be gluten-free or not?”
(I was in charge of all the gluten-free stuff.  Good news!  I didn’t get stressed out ’til the night before!)
Getting ready for The (Not So) Newlyweds Game
The women went first, writing down their answers to the questions asked of them.
Then the men came in.
“Don’t worry – I still love you even if I get an answer wrong!”

Some answers completely confused the men!
Thank goodness there weren’t many hard feelings!
“How could you not have gotten that one right?”

Afterwards was dancing, which went on late into the night and mixed with the clean-up.

Hope you all liked the pictures!  If you attended the banquet and would like prints of the pictures you see here or others, just email me or leave a comment below!  Prints of the individual couples pictures are being ordered as soon as I get the time.  : )



4 thoughts on “A Night To Remember

  1. Haley – Thank you!! I think they did. : ) Haha, thanks! I know…. Like always, I'll show you the rest. (Waiting for that uprising….)Mrs. Miller – Thank you so much!! It was a TON of fun – I enjoyed everything!Elinor – I hope they did. : ) Thanks!Eowyn

  2. Love all the pics!! It looks like the parents had a great time..y'all did a great job making everything look classy! Can't believe you only posted 17 pics though…feeling so ripped off!1ol jk 😛 Oh well, maybe I can see ALL of them sometime (Greedy nature kicking in again ;))See you soon I hope!!~H

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