My Writing Life ~ In Pictures

Behold.  Dylan Bronson, one of my awesome-est secondary characters, evah.  To date.
(Of course, I’ve never dated him, but I wouldn’t mind it that much….)
(This is Michael Bolton, by the way…)

I’ve been watching videos of Meryl Davis and Charlie White like mad for research lately… and enjoying it muchly.  : )  This Bollywood-inspired program got them first place in the Free Dance competition at the Olympics in 2010 and it’s probably my favorite!

Check it out!
I love the fact that even though I can’t ice dance doesn’t mean I can’t let my characters have fun doing it!!
Yes, my characters do this.  Pretty sure it’s called a Death Spiral.  (Heehee… look at Charlie’s face!)
I’ve also been reading up on ice dancing again so that I can polish their programs, so I was more than happy to find this, which describes how Meryl and Charlie perform this awesome straight-line lift.  If you want to see it in action, go here.  (Another favorite free dance – I’ve watched it a dozen times this week!)
I’ve put this novel on hold slightly and can only work on it when I’m done with my schoolwork each day, but hopefully I’ll have the editing done and sent off to a few proof readers soon!  Huzzah!  And here’s some more news for you guys – I think I might actually have a title nailed down!!  How cool is that?
I’ve also been working on my OYAN novel, which is going pretty well!  It’s a 19th century ‘pirate’ novel, including lost treasure, evil captains, and a neat set of characters.  I’ve been thinking of putting some snippets up – would you guys like that?
PS: The reason why I haven’t been posting lately is because I thought that since Tolkien was such an awesome guy, he needs to have a pretty long birthday celebration.  (Kidding, Schultz….)  My life has been pretty crazy lately, as some of you probably know, so yeah.  Hoping to do some more posting in the near future!!  : )

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