forget a new year’s post – this is FRILLIONS of times more exciting!


Here are my stats, if you care.

  • 132 pages
  • 79,984 words, 7,397 of which were done between today and yesterday (Just shy of 80k!)
  • 18 chapters
  • 435,319 characters (Letters and semicolons and what have you – not humans.)
  • 174 KB of memory

All of which, sadly, needs to be insanely edited.  Just imagine, though!  It only took me two-thirds of a 9 oz bag of Mint M&Ms, which means that I have the rest of that bag, plus my 30 oz bag I got on clearance the other day, specifically reserved for editing.  There’s a light at the end of this tunnel.  (Unfortunately, I think I’ll need another package of Meadow Mint Hobbit Tea before long….  Oh, well.)

I thought I’d show you my reaction in pictures.  : )

New Year’s Eve came and went and I woke up on New Year’s Day feeling like this….

“I’m not done with my novel yet and it’s 2013.  I am angry.”

Then, I started writing.  And writing and writing and writing.  Pretty soon, I felt like a combination of Arthur Clenam and Amy Dorrit in the picture below.
Frustration and exhaustion.  Not much sadness until late last night when I realized that I was leaving Alec and Nikki.  (Not for long, mind you.  More later.)

Then, I finally finished it and felt like this.

Minus the really evil feeling, that is.

Then, I felt like dancing.

With some keys.  : )

Now, I just feel like this.


I also thought you’d be a little remotely interested in some pictures I put together for my two main characters, Nikki and Alec.

Nikki’s personality is a mix of Amy Dorrit, Rapunzel, Christine Daae, Margaret Hale, Marguerite St. Just, and Mary Smith.  She kind of looks like all of them combined, but I haven’t nailed down an actress yet.

Alec is like all of these guys.  The actor in the middle is Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Louis Connelly, August Rush).  I was watching a clip from August Rush the other day when it just hit me.  I couldn’t stop bouncing up and down when I saw the picture on the bottom right.  Especially in the middle picture, taken from a movie he played in a few years ago.
He’s Alec.  : )

Well, I need to go find some food.  I’ve been eating M&Ms and drinking water out of my souvenir cup from The Hobbit all day and feel in need of some sunflower seeds.



7 thoughts on “forget a new year’s post – this is FRILLIONS of times more exciting!

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  2. Sorry I never responded to your text. I felt very special when I read it. 😉 I want you to know that I am so proud of you!! Congratulations on reaching this goal!! All glory to God!! ~Elinor

  3. Anne-girl – Thanks!! I know, right? It's a lot… I need to do a ton of editing and a little adding – the last chapter is only 3 pages… : P Hmm… Snippets… Maybe. : ) I'll look for some good ones. : DBethany – Thank you so much!!!Eowyn

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