"These babies are FANTABULOUS! Absolutely indispensary."

I don’t normally do my nails, but in this case, that’s right.  They’re absolutely indispensary.  Check ’em out!!
First, for your viewing pleasure, my The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings inspired nails.

just practice nails, by the way.  I think they turned out pretty well for a first time!

And my Les Miz-themed nails.  I’m especially proud of my ‘4’.  : )

That’s what my hands look like right now, by the way….  Seriously.  One hand is for The Hobbit and the other is for Les Miserables, the awesome movies that are coming out in December (which is the best month of the year).  I did them while listening to the completely awesome and very creepy, yet still awesome three part Adventures in Odyssey episodes, “The Labyrinth.”

And it just so happened that the things I’ve been wanting to post about are Hobbit and Les Miz-themed, too!  How’s that for spontaneous planning?  : )

I’ll start with Les Miz.

Check this out!!  I nearly flipped when I saw it on Ally’s blog.  Remain calm – and don’t watch it more than three times in a row.  It’s not pretty.  (I may or may not be speaking from experience….)

So, yeah.  Pretty awesome, right?!  Amy did a second-by-second rundown of it, which I heartily enjoyed reading.

Aaaaaand… there are some pretty awesome posters floating around the Internet!  I found a few more the other day, available here and here.  Javert looks a little weird, but that’s okay because the red ‘Javert’ below him totally makes up for it.  This one has to be my favorite, though.  Uber cool.

On to The Hobbit!!

This video came out today and I’ve already watched it a few times.  Sure, it’s only thirty-three seconds long, but the dialogue between Bilbo and Thorin is sooooo awesome.  (And I can’t see Thorin without saying, “It’s Thornton!  Look back at me….”)

I knew there was a place where you could watch the trailer with alternate endings, but we were never able to get them to load.  And I just found them!  Huzzah!

But the thing about The Hobbit that I’m most excited about is the music!!  I just listened to the entire soundtrack today.  In it’s entirety.  The whole thing.  All. Of. It.  And It. Was. Ah.Mazing.  Here is the link for you.  It’s an hour and forty-five minutes long and the pause button doesn’t work, so I’d suggest you find something good and looooong to do – like math and chemistry and Greek – and listen to it.  A few times, if you want to.  And let your school take even longer because you’re thinking about what the track titles mean.  (‘My Dear Frodo’?  Wassup with that, PJ?)  My personal favorite songs are all of them, with an emphasis on all of them, but especially ‘My Dear Frodo’ (First the Hobbiton theme, then it’s creepy!  Whaaaaaa?), ‘The Adventure Begins’ (It’s so fast-paced and hobbit-y!  “I’m going on an adventure!”), ‘An Ancient Enemy’ (Whoooooooaaaaa….  Deep and ominous – that’s how I like it!), ‘RADAGAST THE BROWN’!!! (This one is SO COOL!  The electric violin takes the stage and it equals awesomeness.  If you don’t want to wait to listen through all the other songs, just click here.  It’s awesome.  And amazing.  And awesomeness sauce.  All rolled into one.), ‘Roast Mutton’ (Again, so hobbit-y, but with a dash of foreboding), ‘The Hill of Sorcery’ (Looks like I need to read the book again…  And the Radagast the Brown theme is in here a little – awesome!), ‘Warg-Scouts’ (There’s a great John Williams-esque brass part in here, with another pretty awesome cello/bass/timpani solo.  So cool!), ‘Riddles in the Dark’ (Which I can’t wait to actually see!!  Anyway.  This song captures Gollum to a ‘T’!  All those tremolos in the string section totally add to the creepiness!  And the really long, gradual crescendo at the end – chills, y’all.), ‘Brass Buttons’ (The Warg-Scouts theme in the middle is awesome!  I’m dying to see the footage and dialogue during this one!  Plus, the end is so awesome. All those grand pauses, then the continuation of awesomeness….  Golly Pete.), ‘Out of the Frying-Pan’ (Golly, jeepers!), ‘A Good Omen’ (Great song!  And a really creepy ending – here’s hoping we’ll see Smaug!), then the extended scene song, ‘Dreaming of Bag End’ (The pennywhistle did a little bit of the Hobbiton theme, but a lot of it was new, which I loved!), which was right after ‘Song of the Lonely Mountain,’ the credits song.  (And boy, is it worthy of some kind of award!!  It totally embodies dwarves and Thorin and The Company.  I loved it!!  I won’t tell you how many times I listened to it….)  You can listen to ‘Song of the Lonely Mountain’ here, by the way.  It’s got to be one of my favorite songs on the album.  That and ‘Radagast the Brown.’  If you only have time for a few songs, go listen to those.
Wow, that was a lot.  I hope you guys take the time to listen to that music, though – it’s totally worth it!!  If you’ve already listened to some of the songs, whatd’ya think?!
And all this news about Les Miz!!  Goodness gracious.  The month of December is already awesome enough (what with Christmas and parties and concerts and recitals and *cough*my birthday!!*cough*) and now it’s going to be even greater.  Wow.  I can’t wait.  I’m going to be reading The Hobbit and probably (hopefully) Les Miserables during my month-long Christmas break (I’ll shout it from the rooftops, I don’t care – I love homeschooling!), so that’ll keep me busy until all these awesome movies come out.  Sighhhhh…..
What about you guys?  Are you as excited as me?  Or is it just me…?
Hoping I’m not the only one REALLY EXCITED about this December….
(Oh, yeah….  Bonus Awesome Points if you can correctly guess where the lyrics in the blog post title come from.)

6 thoughts on “"These babies are FANTABULOUS! Absolutely indispensary."

  1. Haley – Thanks!! Sadly, they're coming off a little now *sniff* so I'm going to re-do them tonight while we watch a movie. : )Oh, you're so welcome!! HA!! That is TOO funny…. : D Two colors is fun!! If he still goes on about it, you guys should come to our church and meet my friend with the mismatching neon orange and neon yellow nails. They. Are. Awesome. : )I know – me, too! Then I'll tell you about both of them and we can go together. : ) Ooh, I haven't seen the old Les Miz. (My piano teacher loves the Liam Neeson one, though – is that the same one you're talking about?) Well, from what I've seen, it's going to be AMAZING!! : ) I don't think we've talked about that…. It's my goal to read Les Miz before seeing it, but I don't know if that will happen…. : )Love ya!Bella – That is so awesome!!! I think Martin Freeman is going to be an AWESOME Bilbo. Seriously. : ) Very true about Elijah and Frodo. (I didn't care much for Frodo in the book, though.) And I still think he has icy-blue contacts. : PI absolutely LOVE the Extended ones! I've only seen the Fellowship of the Ring and Return of the King, but I'm planning on watching The Two Towers soon. : ) The scene in RotK where Eowyn and Faramir first officially meet – sigh. Love that one! (But I think I agree with David Wenham [Faramir], who said in the commentary that Faramir in the book would rather have wanted to go out and fight and not be getting to know the girl next door. It made for a great scene, though!) Faramir is amazing….. : )Yeah! It's PG-13, which makes me hopeful!! : ) And that's an awesome idea – better safe than sorry!!Well, we kind of skipped around – we watched 'Rose' from Series 1, then 'The Christmas Invasion' from Series 2. And no more since then. : P My dad's previewing them – ish – so we have to wait. And I'm looking into Merlin! It isn't on Amazon Prime (nuts…), so I'll have to find another way to watch it. (Nuts again.)Thanks for the comments, you guys! I love them!!Eowyn

  2. Eowyn;Its funny 'cause when my older sister first saw Watson in Sherlock she said "He'd make a great hobbit" low&behold; He's now BILBO! I actually like Elijah as Frodo. He acted it well and he drew a lot of the character from the book. He has some brilliant eyes too *grin*Good luck with the Extended Version! You just see SO MUCH that isn't in the theatrical– mostly you see a lot more of Farimir's gentle side and lots scenes that just 'filled out' the characters. Some scenes should not be taken out. Period. {Eowyn and Eomere on the battle field 😦 }I heard Les Miserables has a good rating. But I'll probably wait till it comes on DvD. Just to be safe.Which Season of Doctor Who are you on? Have you seen Merlin yet?God BlessBella

  3. I love your "practice nails" :)And thanks for doing mine. Justin was in shock for like 3 days though. Ha! "You NEVER paint your nails! And they're 2 colors. That's just weird!" He said he'd like them if they matched :PI so hope you'll get to see both the movies at the theater! I loved the old movie version of Le Miz, and so I'll be excited how the new version is. I can't remember if we've discussed this…but I wonder if the book would be good??Love ya! <3~Haley

  4. Kiri Liz – ME, TOOOOOOOO!!!!! I can't believe how awesome it's going to be. I absolutely can NOT wait. : )And, yes…. Finding time is going to be hard, but the reward is TOTALLY WORTH IT!! : )Bella – You're welcome! Like the comment box says, comments are my one weakness…. : PWhat a perfect combination, right?! : )Me, too!! I just don't really, REALLY want to go in costume because, well, I don't want to be the only person in costume…. I have the perfect costume, though, and *I'm* weird that way. : P I KNOW!! I like the Gollum one best. : ) And Martin Freeman is going to be awesome. Already WAAAAY better than Elijah Wood. (Yeah, I'm not a big fan of his version of Frodo….) The soundtrack is amazing and awesome and everything I said about it… and more. : ) I'm a Ringer, too! : P Well, I saw the theatrical releases first, then we bought all three of the Extended releases at a yard sale for $9! What a deal!!It's going to be amazing. I can't wait…. Yeah, I have my own idea of how clean it'll be – it's got a rating, so it *should* be cleaner than the stage version, which doesn't have a rating. So. I KNOW!!!Eowyn

  5. Eowyn;Thank you for replying to my comments *grin*Les Miserables & the Hobbit! EEP!!I want to go to the midnight showing of the Hobbit, maybe in costume. Yeah I'm strange that way *GRIN* I loved the trailers that you put up. I saw the Alternate Endings yesterday & thought it was BRILLIANT 😀 Martin Freemand is such a good Hobbit. I must really listen to that soudtrack. It sounds AWESOME *Spin* I'm *such* a Ringer. I've only seen the EXTENDED version of LOTR. what about you?Les Miserables looks good but really sad(Well duh) We'll probably wait & watch it on DVD because we just don't know how *Clean* it will be. But I'm counting the days till it comes out. HUGH JACKMAN AND RUSSEL CROWE! *Smiles hugely* God BlessBella

  6. LOVED THE HOBBIT VIDEOS!!!! And that's an understatement… I'm soooooo excited to see it!!! And now to find time to listen to the soundtrack start to finish… 😀

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