Dear Anne-girl….  Thank you so much for this week’s Scribblers’ Conference!!  It’s been so amazing and I can’t wait to start writing again – I’ve been insanely busy this week, so my writing is basically zip.  : P

Dear David Tennant… You are amazing and I can’t wait to watch more of Doctor Who!  I already know a ton of quotes from the show and am constantly scaring my dad because of them.  (Don’t worry, Dad….  I’m not going to go crazy.)

Dear Thea…. I miss you SO MUCH!!!  And I’m insanely jealous of you and can’t wait to hear all about how amazing Italy was!!  Hearing stuff from your sister is great, but I feel like I’m missing out on details.  And that new job getting paid to go shopping and teach a girl English….  Wow.  (Thou shalt not covet! THOU SHALT NOT!!!)  The kids you’re nannying for are adorable and I can hardly imagine how hard it’ll be for you to come back!!  Skyping with you the other day was amazing and I loved seeing the kids – Giacomo is SO CUTE!!!

Dear August Rush….  You are an amazing movie!!!  (Minus a few scenes….)  And your soundtrack is phenomenal, especially August’s Rhapsody and Raise it Up!  Oh, and I can’t fail to mention the one that my littlest brother loves watching… the guitar-slapping song.  And August/Evan… you are so adorable.  Cutest little boy ever… and every time I see a picture of you, I’m struck by the fact that you look almost exactly like a friend of mine when he was younger.  : )  Also, I can never thank you enough for providing me with an actor to cast as Alec!!  (Now to find my main character….)

Dear The Avengers….  You were a good movie – via ClearPlay, that is.  (Dear ClearPlay – YOU ARE AMAZING!!!)  I now have a love-hate relationship with Tony Stark and a LOVE-LOVE relationship with Captain America, mainly because of this.  I also think that Banner was the deepest character.  And I officially think that Hawkeye is cooler than Legolas.  (In your face, Legolas fans!!)

Dear gluten-free apple pie….  Sighhhh.  You are bliss in gluten-free form.  My intestines thank you.

Dear Nikki and Alec….  Sorry I’ve had to leave you guys in a car driving thirty minutes for the past week or so….  The author is busy and promises to get you to your destination very soon!!!

Dear theory test on Saturday….  Why must you be so early and so far away?  Why must you scare me with your grading system?!  Why must you taunt me with a 98% the first time, then an 80% the second?!!  (True, the second was probably more my fault than yours….  I went skiing with some friends the two days before and got home at 2am, then woke up at 7:30ish….  Yup, it was my fault.)  Just please be nice on Saturday.  No D# melodic minor scales, I beg you!!  I’ll have to console myself with a Starbucks Java Chip… and last time I had one, it didn’t end well.  : (

Dear sweet little brother….  I’m sorry you’re sick.  : (  It’s so sad to see the sweetest little bundle of personality feel bad.  You sat down and watched “Some Brides for Some Brothers” today and looked so pitiful….  Poor dear.  I’m so glad you like musicals, by the way.  Your future wife will appreciate that.
(And along those lines….)

Dear younger brother….  Please don’t talk about Jane Fairfax around girls who aren’t related to you.  Likening my younger sister reading a letter from a friend to the way Mrs. Bates reads a letter from Jane is awesome, but not around other girls.  Please.  I beg of you.

Dear Senior Year….  You are amazing and I love you to death.  Thank you for being you and shining a light at the end of this tunnel.  : D

Dear bloggy friends….  Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog.  Half the time, I don’t know if anyone’s reading it, but then I hear from someone or someone comments and it makes my day.  Thank you SO MUCH!!!

(Last because it’s the most important….)

Dear adorable little kids we just heard about….  I am praying for you!!!  Hopefully, if it’s God’s will, I’ll meet you guys soon.  : )  (Goodness, I’m tearing up.)


5 thoughts on “Letters

  1. Bella – August Rush is amazing…. : ) I know, right?! He looks INSANELY like one of my friends… especially in one of his recent movies, 'The Art of Getting By,' which idk if I want to see or not…. Anywhoz.YES!! The Avengers was Ah.Mazing. Loved it to death. They're all so cool, it's hard to pick a favorite!! Oh, yeah – Agent Coleson!! He's so cool. : )Thanks for the comment!Eowyn

  2. I liked August Rush. I haven't seen it in a couple years but I remember loving the story 🙂 Plus the young kid in it was very characteristic and a great actor *Smile* You like Avengers?? **Happy dance** YAY!!! That movie was so good. I love Tony Stark… and Captain America… and Hawkeye… I love them all 😀 Iron man has a special place though. (OH!!! I mustn't forget Agent Coulson)God BlessBella

  3. Payton – : ) August Rush is amazing. I LOVE that movie!! Chills!!! Thanks for commenting…. XDAmy – Yay! I'm always wondering who reads my posts…. : )Some Brides for Some Brothers – yup, he's adorable. : ) It's okay. I personally don't like it very much because they go and literally steal the girls and then the pass gets filled with snow, sooo…. Anyway. There's a pretty amazing barn dance, though!! : DHeehee….Definitely in certain parts. I'm going to be done with math and chemistry by my birthday, though, so I'm really excited!!: ) Thanks so much. I'll email you about them. : )Thanks for the comments!!Eowyn

  4. Just want you to know that I *always* read your blog posts, whether or not I comment… I need to be better at commenting in general though! 😀 So there is always at least one person reading what you write. ;)Awww, Some Brides for Some Brothers… *your* brother is just adorable! Do you know, I still haven't seen that movie. Shocking, shocking.Hahahaha, the Miss Bates bit made me LOL.Ack! Agree totally about the Senior Year! So much more flexible than last year. In certain parts. Hahahahaha.I don't know who these kids you speak of might be, dear, but I want you to know that I'm praying for them too. Don't cry, don't cry! *hugs*

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