‘Ello Again!

My adorable-est brother (sorry, Bubby…) on the pontoon boat while we were camping – isn’t he ADORABLE?!

I’ve decided to do a blog post. No applause necessary.

We’ve been really busy lately, so I haven’t had many chances to do anything on the computer. (Hope that explains why I haven’t been emailing anyone! Sorry!!)

Highlights from last week:
~Camping with friends I haven’t seen since last August!
~Playing games with said friends (Apples to Apples especially!!)
~Watching Amy‘s cousin Brendan Hansen swim in the Olympics and get the bronze!! (I know someone who’s related to an Olympic athlete! How cool is that?!) I was on edge for his entire final race…. : D
~Watching other sports in the Olympics (I always get a laugh out of Men’s Gymnastics. I mean, really, you guys? Heehee…. But I also like watching the Volleyball and Synchronized anything, which looks impossible!!!)
~The Ball last Friday. Sighhhhh. It was sooooo much fun! I can’t wait to put pictures up, which will hopefully be tomorrow. Look for my post!!

Oh, and we had some friends over all day yesterday and that was a blast. Having friends over randomly after church is always fun, though!!! : )

And one more thing… we started school today. : P Everyone’s asking, “Why on earth do you guys start so early?!” Well, I’ll tell you. We take the whole month of December off (nothing ever gets done anyway with parties and stuff, so why bother?!), a week in September-ish for a Summer Vacation (no one’s at the beach!!), and now we’re going to take another week off in September because my sisters and I are going to the Passion for Jesus Retreat. We went last year and it was SO much fun and I learned a ton!!

But. The absolute best thing about this year is

I’m a SENIOR!!!! (Now you guys can applaud.)

Sighhhhh. I’m so excited, I can hardly stand it! This year is going to be so much easier than last year (which was the hardest year of school ever) and I’m almost excited that we’re starting school again. (I love routines and schedules and lists that you can get done….)

Anyway. Enough about me. What have you guys been doing while I was away? And don’t say “Nothing much,” I beg of you! Even if it was watching a movie or going on a walk or laughing with your siblings or friends, please say something. (For, as you all know, comments are my one weakness. Heehee….)



2 thoughts on “‘Ello Again!

  1. Elinor – Heehee…. Yup. I saw that and I was like, "AHHHH!!" Argh. Well, the first post is gone now.Ball pictures are coming soon! Maybe tomorrow…? We've been slammed… sorry they're not up yet!Eowyn

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