Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah… Days One and Two

Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah.

Here I am at Camp Grandma-Honey. Camp is very entertaining (or, should I say, the campERS), and they say we’ll have some fun if it (literally) stops raining.

We arrived yesterday afternoon and, for the first camp activity, got our hair cut. Well, the guy campers, at least.

We all watched pictures of Grandma and Honey’s recent trip to Yellowstone. I think I enjoyed it the most because it was so pretty!

Afterwards, the younger campers immediately started playing with toys while the older campers – those that lasted the first five minutes, that is – started tweaking the design for our t-shirts.

I enjoyed getting to know the other campers. Within five minutes, Arwen and I became fast friends. We’re even sharing the same bunk! (Please notice my t-shirt in the enclosed picture, if you will!)

A few of the less protective parents (that’s y’all!) left, and we had spaghetti and salad for dinner. I thought I’d get a break from eating gluten-free and what does the cook bring before me? Imagine that…

That night, the other campers had to go to a going-away-party for themselves and the older campers stayed home and watched half of the 25th Anniversary Concert of Phantom of the Opera. It was really good… even though I’ve seen it a half dozen times already! We stopped right after “Wandering Child” because some campers had to go to sleep. Arwen and I stayed up and talked about ice dancing. (I’ve been writing my novel, you know, and had my two main characters pair skating instead of ice dancing! Imagine my horror after a few minutes of research!) The campers came back at about eleven, and Arwen and I stayed up talking to the more protective parents until midnight. (We didn’t want to stay up any longer – we had church the next morning!)

Today, we got up earlier than normal and had a big cereal breakfast. (Don’t worry, mother, I had coconut milk and gluten-free cereal.)

We attended Grandma and Honey’s church – just the Sunday school – and then the other campers parents left. (We practically booed them away…)

After a quick stop at Wal-Mart for provisions (chicken, broccoli salad, iron-on transfers, and candy to be precise), we had a big lunch of chicken, broccoli salad, rolls, carrots, and green beans. (Healthy Food Day… we’re about to die from healthiness…)

Then, we all packed up and hopped into the car so that we could swim before it rained. I rode in the boy’s car and worked tirelessly in the ten-minute ride to get the work of art I’ve enclosed.

Then, we went SWIMMING!!!

I had a great time getting action shots…

… and pictures of random flowers.

A camper and I posed for a picture while he took a break from swimming and wanted to see what I was reading (She Stoops To Conquer). I knew what he was doing without even looking (sisterly intuition?) and made a face to compete with it.

We spent the entire three hours relaxing at the pool. It was a blast!

It started to trickle and we hopped into the cars right as it started to pour. (It takes two this year! Eight cousins and two grandparents – I mean, campers and counselors/cooks/everything else…)

I started reading the camping literature (Sir Percy Leads the Band and Right Ho, Jeeves!) and am very excited about the media that we will see during camp, especially Mary Poppins and the rest of Phantom of the Opera!

Must run – we’re off to tie-dye t-shirts!

Don’t take me home… even if it doesn’t stop raining.
Your darling daughter,

PS: To all of my readers besides my parents, here’s a little explanation. I’m here at my grandparents’ house with my cousins until Thursday for our annual get-together, Camp Grandma-Honey! We do lots of fun things – bowling, put-putting, puzzles, and watch movies! There’s even a chocolate fountain… which, sadly, only makes it’s appearance once a camp. All other posts – including my Les Miz experience, which I can’t wait to tell you the rest of! – will be on hold until camp is over. Meanwhile, enjoy my letters home!


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