Christmas Pictures

I just realized I never posted pictures of my little brother from Christmas! Whoops. Major fail on my part – I mean, what’s the point of having an awesome camera and taking adorable pictures of him if I forget to post them and share them with the entire world?! : )

Let me first tell you that this little boy loves guitars. We had a little electric one that looked and sounded fake, but he loved it and played with it nearly every day. Well, we all got tired of that guitar pretty soon. A friend suggested we get him a real accoustic guitar for Christmas. So that’s what we did. When we gave it to him, still wrapped, he took one look at the shape and said, “Prob’ly bylin,” which is his word for violin. He started unwrapping part of it, saw the tuning pegs, and gave us this reaction:
“Prob’ly guitar!!!” he shouted, banging on it in his effort to get the wrapping off as soon as he could.

Love at first sight – just look at that smile!!

We shouldn’t have worried about him playing the little electric guitar any more. He’s obsessed with this one, and plays it every single day – no kidding!

Telling us something about it. (See his pick? He insists on having a pick, even though we all tell him Maria [from Sound of Music] doesn’t use one.)

A once-in-a-lifetime picture of my little brother and two cousins!

And my all-time favorite…

Until next time…



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