Hey, everybody!

Just in case you didn’t notice, there’s a new poll on the side of the blog. I couldn’t decide which review I wanted to do next, so I decided to do the obvious thing – let you guys decide! : )

The choices are:
A movie review (probably Jane Eyre, but comment if you want a different movie reviewed)
A book review (The Errant King by Wayne Thomas Batson)
A music review (WOW 2012 or the Little Women musical soundtrack that I listen to very often)
A light opera review. : ) Arwen and I discovered Gilbert and Sullivan a few years ago and have fallen in love with light opera since then. Light operas are basically the same thing as musicals, except there’s a tad bit more music, and the singers have a wider vibrato. (Not particularly my cup of tea, but hey…) Oh, yeah… and they’re really, really funny! In the review, I’d tell you which ones we’ve seen, which we prefer, and which versions to look for. (Hint: The newer versions have more language.)

FYI, the poll closes on February 1st.



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