Hello Again!

It’s been a while since I posted last. Whoops! I’ve been busy with a lot of things – particularly school. I’ve been doing a lot of new subjects this year (including learning Greek as my second language and a writing curriculum called ‘One Year Adventure Novel’ that I adore!), but I won’t tell you about all of my school woes, such as the 16-page history test I had to do today or how I had to re-do two math lessons.

Instead, let me tell you a conversation I had with my adorable little brother the other day. I was pretending to be asleep and Arwen was asking me a question. My little brother had to serve as a sort of middle man – Arwen would ask him a question, then he’d ask me, I’d answer, and he’d tell her what I said (usually…). It was late at night and I was bored, tired, and going insane from lack of sugar (I’ve been off it for about two weeks now… ugh!), so I decided to have fun with them. : ) The conversation went something like this.

Arwen – Can I have some of your strawberry shortcake? Hello…?
Little brother – She sleepin’.
Me – Uh, huh.
A – Well, ask her if I can have some strawberries.
LB – Strawbusies?
A – Yes.
LB – ‘Kay. Can she have some?
Me – Have some what?
LB – Strawbusies.
Me – Yes.
LB – (to Arwen) She said yes.
A – Ask her how many.
LB – How many?
Me – How many what?
LB – Uh… strawbusies.
Me – She can have as many as she wants.
LB – (Putting up his little finger and accenting each word with it) She say only one, then that bees it.
A – I don’t think that’s what she said. Ask her about the shortcake. How many little cakes can I have?
LB – Who many can she have?
Me – (Laughing – he usually mixes up words like that and says, “Where are her?” instead of “Where is she?”) Who many what?
LB – (Struggling to find the word) Who many… Georgia Techs? (I promise, that’s exactly what he said!!)
Me – You mean ‘shortcakes’?
LB – (Nods his head, then turns to Arwen with my answer) She say no more. It dark-time – nigh-nigh time.
Me – That’s not what I said! She can have as many as she wants.
LB – She say yes.

Isn’t he adorable?! (Please say yes so I know it’s not just me!)


3 thoughts on “Hello Again!

  1. THIS IS SOOOOO Funny! I was on the interwebs looking for a recent picture of our family (inklings press is so much better at updating its webblog) and ran across this post. SOOO funny! I can hear him saying all this and I laughed until I cried!!! Thanks for enriching the webosphere with our favorite little 3 year old!

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