Adorable Little Brother…

One of my favorite things to do right now is to talk to my little brother. He’s so cute, and I can’t believe he’s my brother sometimes! We have the greatest conversations sometimes and he makes me laugh a lot!

Here’s a recent conversation we had. I had just tucked him in bed for a nap, but I could tell he didn’t want to sleep.
Little brother (LB): I want you sit wif me.
Me: Okay, just for a minute. You need to sleep now. Close your eyes.
LB: *squints his eyes shut* *whispers* Goo’night.
Me: ‘Night.
LB: I love you, too.
Me: I love you, too.
LB: I miss you.
Me: I miss you, too.
LB: I like you music.
Me: Yeah, did you like listening to me and [Arwen] playing?
LB: Yup. I play guitar. I huse my little guitar.
(He then goes on to tell me all about how he plays like Maria from Sound of Music, Steve Green, and various other friends or movie characters.)
Me: That’s great, but it’s time to go to sleep.
LB: Oh. Goo’night. I love you.
Me: Love you, too. I need to go now.
LB: Okay. Don’t ‘qush me.
Me: I won’t. ‘Night.
LB: See you later!!
Me: Goodnight, baby.

The other day, we were riding home from church, and my little brother decided he was hungry. After eating a few candy corns (should that be plural or not?!), he decided he was still hungry.
LB: I wan’ some i’cweem.
Mom: Okay, where should we go?
LB: Uh… Chicken-la (pronounced Chicken-lae)
Mom: Chick-fil-A isn’t open on Sundays. You can’t eat there today.
LB: Oh.
(I thought he’d stop then and forget about it, but no…)
LB: I wan’ go to McDonald’s.
Smart boy.



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