Interesting Quote

    Okay, so I said the next thing I would post about would be either that really disturbing article or pictures from Camp GrandmaHoney, but I decided to do something different today.  This morning, I was reading The Last Crusader for my history.  It was written by Dr. George Grant, and even though it goes into some strange bunny trails every now and then, I found a very interesting paragraph.
    “Singing such hymns lifts the heart, shortens the way, and advertises a man’s reputation. It is an admirable thing. A man who so sings—loudly, clearly, and well—proves, more often than not, to be of good character. He is master of himself. He is strict and well managed. He is prompt, alert, swift, and to the point. He is unafraid and jolly. He is disciplined and congenial with a clear conscience before both God and men. There is method in him. All these things may be in a man who does not sing, of course. But singing makes them apparent.”


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