Not an Unlucky Day for ME!!

Friday the 13th is known to superstitious people as one of the unluckiest days of the year.  There have been both books written and movies made about the scary things that happen to unfortunate people on this day.
This year, Friday the 13th is a great day for me because I finished my math!  I started working on it at about 3:30.  Nearly four hours, 2 1/2 lessons, and a test later, I FINISHED!  I’m ecstatic!
A half-day of work this morning made me physically tired and now my brain is officially fried and I’m mentally tired, so all I want to do now is just ‘vegetate,’ as our family calls it.  Who knows, maybe after we eat our Chinese food (sweet and sour chicken… yum!) and watch a movie I’ll write a little.  I did about 800 words last night- including the first few points on my outline of a new story.  Right now, it’s a short story, but I can totally see it being a novel… that is, if I have time to write.  I foresee my school getting done before June rolls around, so I’ll most likely have more time to write.  (Yay!!!)
PS:  Last night, I finished my autographed copy of Nathaniel Darnell’s book, Glory, Duty, & the Gold Dome.  It was really good!!


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