Movie Review- Tangled

We just got Tangled from Netflix.  Wow, what a movie!  It’s one of those movies we really should have seen in the theater, but I can’t remember why we didn’t.  I guess we weren’t that interested in it.  Anyway, I told a few friends that we had gotten it, and they kept on telling us we’d love it.  Everyone we talked to loved it.  About a year ago, I heard about The Princess and the Frog, a Disney movie that was going to be made like all of the old Disney classics.  To say I was overjoyed would be an understatement!  But when I watched it, I realized that it wasn’t exactly what I’d thought.  Sadly, I didn’t like it.  At all.  I thought, ‘Is this the new Disney?  With sorcery and romance and a few songs thrown in between some bad humor?‘  Maybe that’s why I wasn’t excited about Tangled.  I think I only watched the first trailer that was released that didn’t have anything in it- just a shot of the tower and maybe the teaser trailer.  After hearing nearly a dozen of my good friends say it was good, I got a little excited, but still wasn’t sure about it.  What if it was just like The Princess and the Frog?  So, I sat down on the couch with some pretty high standards.  I’m pleased to announce that I wasn’t disappointed!
Tangled, if some of you haven’t seen it, is a new twist on the Rapunzel story.  (The original story, as you may know it: She has really long hair, a handsome dude comes along, the “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!” line follows, and they ride off into the sunset.)  Disney adds and embellishes the tale, giving the ‘handsome dude’ a name and a backstory, and doing the same for Rapunzel and her evil mother.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that Alan Menken had composed the songs, and the actors sung their characters’ parts!  I was almost sure the director had hired a few Broadway people to do the parts- I even thought I knew who did Rapunzel’s singing voice.  (By the way, my favorite song was ‘I See the Light,’ the beautiful duet!  Wow, was that song amazing!  Sadly, I can’t find any free sheet music for it.  If any of you have it or know how to find it, please email me!)  There was enough action and adventure, humor, and plot-twisting- and just that tad bit of romance that we girls like- to make it one of the best movies I’ve seen since Toy Story 3 and Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  The soundtrack is already on my iTunes wish list, and I’m already pleading my siblings to split the movie.  (I would have watched it at least once more, but a certain younger brother- won’t say who- was a little anxious to get his movie, so he shipped it back.  So I could only satisfy my craving by watching every single video that was on the Disney website.)
The only thing I didn’t like about it was when Flynn told Rapunzel that a little rebellion was good.  Arwen assured me that he was just trying to get her out of the tower, so that smoothed it over for me.  (I won’t say any more, or else I’ll give up the plot!  I’ve been known to do that…)
Next time, I’ll give you a little peek into a project I’ve been working on.  (It has something to do with fabric and stabbing myself with pins!)


One thought on “Movie Review- Tangled

  1. Well, when Flynn said that(about the rebellion) he was trying to make her go back and break the deal. He wanted his satchel. lol! I know how you felt because that's what I thought when I first saw that part too. But I LOVE that movie!!! It is so original in it's plot developement. You are actually surprised about some of it! And it's sooooo sweet too!

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