Crazy Fun Weekend!

We had a blast this weekend, going from one awesome thing to the next!
On Friday, Arwen and I cleaned someone’s house.  It was our first day doing it for them, but Thursday was our third time doing it for someone else.  After that, we drove home, inhaled some lunch, threw some bags of clothes in the car, and drove down to visit some friends.  Wednesday was a really good friend’s birthday and she invited us to come over.  (Wasn’t that sweet of her?!)  We had an awesome time- playing Hearts, jammin’, talking, jammin’ some more, then riding in the golf cart (the 14-year-old and 15-year-old drove; maybe a little wrong but more fun than if The Parents had driven!), eating some pretty awesome pizza, saving the pizza place from burning down by putting out a fire, and finally watching Voyage of the Dawn Treader, which is kind of crazy in itself, because I saw it for my birthday with their family, and now she was watching it for her birthday with our family!  We didn’t get to my grandparents’ house until about midnight.
Then yesterday, we had some friends over and we worked in our yard.  It wasn’t fun, but it was easier because it was as if we had eight kids instead of only five.  Also, working with friends is much less of a chore.  We broke up into groups and the guys worked on building a retaining wall while the girls laid out and planted the garden.  After a good, solid seven hours of work (in which the ladies broke off after about five hours to bake cookies), we all stopped to eat dinner and have an AirSoft gun fight.  The only problem was that we only had four guns and six people who wanted to play!  We ended up having ‘Substitutes’ who would come in when someone got shot.  It was the highlight of the day!
Today, Arwen is out with a few other Seniors from our church.  They went bowling… and forgot me!  I’m like, “Hey, don’t you need a photographer?!”  Oh, well.  I guess I’ll go when I graduate.  (If I ever get that far…)
This has turned into a pretty long post!  : D  Time to go now, though, because the people who got left behind (me on down) are going to watch Little Men.  I’ve never seen it before, but am willing to watch it.  Tonight, we’re going to see Tangled for the first time!  I’ll let you know what I think of both of those movies.


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