Ta-Da! Our First Post!

Welcome to the blog of Eowyn and Arwen! Obviously, these aren’t our real names; we just made them up for safety reasons. Let us tell you a little bit about our (real) selves!

Hi, this is Eowyn! I’m what some would call an unpublished author- I have written a few things in the past, and I’m working on quite a few books, short stories, plays, screenplays… whatever I can think of. I also love to read. I’m in the middle of about 50+ books right now, including some by Charles Dickens, Robert Whitlow, Lew. Wallace, Louisa May Alcott, Mrs. E. Prentiss, and J.R.R. Tolkien (a very wide selection, I know!). I also enjoy singing, being around my family, and playing- but not practicing- my instruments. You’ll hear more about me in the future, though I’ll most likely post on books I’m reading, writing tips, and other random things.

Arwen here… mostly ditto to what Eowyn said. I love reading good books of practically all kinds and listening to good music (especially Broadway musicals and other musicals that should be on Broadway). I am homeschooled; History and Literature are among my favorite subjects; Math is among my least favorites. I love movies, especially old classics. Most of my posts will probably be random, too.

Enjoy our blog!


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